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Minimum Age
o 21 for all guns unless exempted below.
o 18 for purchasers of shotguns, bolt/lever action centerfire rifles or all rimfire rifles if they possess a current CA hunting license.

o Must have current CA Driver’s License or ID card or Military ID card
o Buyers with a CDL with the words Federal Limits Apply printed on the
CDL must provide a certified copy of their birth certificate or a U.S.
Passport or BP/Customs I-94 documents.
o Buyers whose name differs on their additional documents may need to provide additional documents such as a marriage license.
o Buyers with a PO Box or an incorrect address on their CDL must provide additional government documentation that updates their address such as a vehicle registration or property tax statement.

o Unless exempted all buyers must possess or obtain a Firearms Safety Certificate (pass a written test- $25 cost)
o Exemptions include hunting license (long guns only), law enforcement, military, armed security guards or 832 PC certification.

Handgun Residency
o Handgun buyers must provide additional proof of residency such as a utility bill, vehicle registration or rental/lease agreements.

Other Provisions
o Waiting period is 10, 24-hour periods after start of process. Guns must be picked up no later than 30 days after initiation of the background.
o Dealer record of Sale (DROS) fees are $37.19.
o Unless exempted, buyers can only purchase one handgun in any 30-
day period.
o Buyers must perform a Safe Handling Demonstration (guided by us).    

o If a firearm does not come with a CA approved Firearm Safety
Device, buyers must show proof of ownership of a safe or lockbox or purchase an FSD such as a cable lock, lock box or safe.

Some US states prohibit perceived advertising or marketing of firearm related products to persons under 18 years of age.

Please verify that you are at least 18 years of age.